About Kittle Photographic

Kittle Photographic endeavours to provide the highest quality Photography and Service to Parents and Schools at all times. Our delivery time for orders to School is 10-14 days but we often achieve delivery times nearer 7 days. Delivery of Reorders and late orders is 28 days but we often achieve delivery times nearer 14 days. Our aim is to resolve any queries within 24 hours and ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied at all times.

Stuart Kittle has been a Schools Photographer for 20 years and he continues to tutor and photograph alongside his team of photographers at schools across the country. He is directly involved with quality control within the company and would be pleased to hear any comments you wish to make about any aspects of our standard of work or service.

Email [email protected] with your comments. All comments are fed directly back to Photographers and other Staff at Kittle Photographic to constantly improve our standards as well as give praise where praise is due. Should you wish your comments to be kept confidential, please make this known in your Email.